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With locations in Rodley just outside Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield and Barnsley, Regain Pain Management have over 60 years combined experience treating clients with debilitating chronic pain, persistent muscular tightness, long term headaches/migraines, sciatica, lower back pain, and other sporting, occupational and general musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

Our holistic and complementary therapies cover a broad range issues that result in pain or discomfort, ranging from athletes looking to improve their personal best, to the mum who has pain in her lower back and struggles to cope with her young children.

Our values are clear and consistent – we will do everything we can to improve your quality of life. We don’t make our clients have endless treatments without getting any results.  For us, it is about helping our clients return to a state of balance so they can function properly. Our feedback from our clients demonstrates our success.

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We take time to listen to our clients so that we get a comprehensive history of previous injuries, traumas, and lifestyle activities that could be contributing to their symptoms.

A full postural analysis is then done, and based on all this information, we locate and treat the root cause of the symptoms.

Treatments plans will always be discussed with you and could include approaches such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle activation, muscle energy techniques, and gym-based exercise rehabilitation.

Our therapists are fully insured members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and have extensive experience in the field of musculoskeletal injury management and provide expert clinic care to a wide range of sporting, occupational and general injuries.

Meet Your Therapists

Mathew Jerome – Director

Mathew has always had a fascination with the human body since he was a child, and in 2003 he completed his studies gaining diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology, Sports & Massage Therapies. In 2008 he developed chronic lower back pain, which was only resolved in 2013 after he was treated using Myofascial Release Therapy. He was so impressed with this treatment that he set up Regain Pain Management so that he could deliver this therapy to people struggling with long term unresolved chronic pain.

Since then, he has gained a reputation for helping people that the medical establishment had failed to remedy, and has seen over 2000 clients in that time, many of who are now pain free without any need for medication.

Mathew has a long history involved with Football, playing semi-professional for 10 years before going into management and coaching. He loves working with footballers of all ages, and was recently employed at Bradford City as Head of Injury & Prevention where he spent 2 years overseeing the Football Development Programmes players fitness and injuries. He has many sports people on his client list, including Premiership footballers, Super League Rugby players and boxers to name a few.

Over the years he has studied with some of the worlds leading therapists, and has built up a skill set that enables him to deliver treatments that are bespoke to each clients needs, and also gain knowledge of the human body that sets him apart from his competitors.

CERTIFICATIONS: Level 3 Diploma Anatomy & Physiology; Level 3 Diploma Sports Massage Therapy; Level 3 Diploma Sports Fitness Therapies; Level 1 certification Integrated Myofascial Therapy; Level 2 certification Integrated Myofascial Therapy; Level 3 certification Integrated Myofascial Therapy; Myofascial Assessment & Integration; Myofascial Unwinding – Be Activated – Muscle activation Level 1; Be Activated – Muscle activation Level 2.

Melanie Roberts – Therapist

Melanie has been a complementary therapist since 2008 and became a teacher in 2018. Having trained & worked with world class teachers she combines Eastern & Western techniques to help & improve peoples health with prevention in mind.
Helping with aches, pain, illness & injury. Physical & Emotional issues.

TMJ Therapy ®
Gentle techniques to ease affected Temporomandibular joint.
For Misalignment, Pain, Headaches, Tinnitus, Stress clenching, grinding, popping & locking.

KORE Therapy ®
A unique muscle & neurological testing system to find the root cause of the problem.

Scar Work
Improving mobility & reducing scars of all ages & sizes.

Also available with Melanie
Myofascial Release, Massage – Advanced Clinical, Deep Tissue, Sports, Abdominal (for Fertility & Digestive Disorders), Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Korean Hand Therapy, Tui Na, Cupping, Cranial Balancing, Spinal Touch Therapy, Reflexology & Thai Foot Massage, Body taping.

Rachel Brook – Therapist

After being diagnosed with ME aged 16, Rachel began researching alternative therapies, and by the Age of 20 she achieved a diploma in aromatherapy full body massage.

Over the following 24 years Rachel has expanded her skill set, learning a wide range of holistic therapies that she combines to deliver bespoke treatments to her clients. During that time, she also suffered with severe neck pain, and SPD during the pregnancy of her 2 children, which opened her up to Myofascial Release as a therapy that helped to resolve a lot of the issues she had. She is able to connect with clients who don’t feel that they are being listened to or given the appropriate support and treatment, because of her own experiences when she was struggling to find a remedy for her issues.

Rachel recently became a qualified Oncology Masseur, which enables her to offer comfort and support to cancer patients at all stages of care.

At Regain we offer on-site, In-House clinics for your staff, and Rachel is our therapist to cover the corporate client requirements. She will leave your workforce feeling refreshed and invigorated after delivering her amazing therapy.

Rachel’s treatments also include: Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Angelic Reiki, Indian head massage, Hot stone massage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, Fascia Cupping, Facials.

Matt Grace – Strength and Rehabilitation Coach

Matt initially did his Myofascial Release training at the same time as Mathew Jerome, and since then has moved on to become one the regions best performance and rehab coaches.

His passion is helping people to function correctly thereby reducing the chance of injury happening in the first place, and also working with people who have postural/muscular imbalance, and getting them back to full strength using a range of exercises and routines that balance the body and get it working at an optimum level again.

Matt first started out doing sports therapy and myofascial release which he learnt a lot from some good therapists but he always felt there was something missing. His own back injury led him to researching more into biomechanics and movement, and having suffered from quite a few injuries in the past and had become extremely frustrated spending long periods of time being unable to do what he enjoyed doing most, exercising!

The more he researched the more he learnt about the body and this led him to some amazing movement-based therapists that focused on breathing, the pelvis, the ribcage and the feet. He carried out a self-assessment of himself, and looked at his own posture and marked down any alignment issues he had, then explored movements and exercises working out what worked well and what didn’t.

Matt offers his services in person and also has online clinics that you can follow from the comfort of your own home, and his treatments work for people of all ages and abilities.

Regain Pain management therapists will help the following common conditions:

Hip Impingement, Labral tears, Bursitis

Pain from the hip joint may be felt in a number of areas including the groin, outer thigh and lower back. This pain is commonly a dull ache with occasional sharp shooting pains if moved in certain directions.

If you’re experiencing tightness in the hip, come in for an evaluation before a more serious problem develops.

Achilles Tendinitis

Pain, swelling or thickening of the achilles tendon. Generally painful with walking, going up and down stairs, or calf/heel raises.

Plantar Fascitis

Usually worse in the morning, this “first step” pain is felt in the foot, typically along the arch or in the heel of the foot.

Should Impingement/Rotator Cuff Injuries

Usually experienced in the outer part of the shoulder, or a catching/clicking sensation deep in the shoulder joint.

Many people have cortisone injections to mask the pain, but the underlying issue remains. There is a better way.

Shin Splints, A.K.A Anterior Tibialis Tendonitis

Pain felt on the front (anterior) or inside (medial) part of the shin. Pain may start at the beginning of a run, then fade.

Or, it may get worse while running and stick around after you stop. That’s definitely not OK.

If you’re using heel inserts to mask the root cause of shin splints, please, come see us!

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

ITB pain is felt on the outside (lateral aspect) of the knee that gradually increases with running. A clicking sound may be heard, and pain is sometimes described as stabbing.

This usually affects sports people who put repeated load through the knee and hips. Knee pain that is usually felt around the kneecap (patella). It often shows up out of nowhere when running. Pain worsens with running, walking down steps or sitting for a long time.

Being stuck at a desk or going to the movies can be just as painful as your long run. We find that shortened hamstrings can be the main culprit, once length is restored to the muscles, the pain in the knee subsides.

Chronic Headaches/Migraines

Most GPs will prescribe painkillers or strong medication to mask the symptoms, but we assess the whole body to determine what is causing your headaches.

Often it can be traced to some postural issue that is creating excess tension at the point where muscles attach to the base of the skull.

Most clients experience relief after the first treatment, and eventually are able to come off their medication altogether.

Lower Back Pain

Nearly everyone will have an episode of lower back pain at some point in their lives, whether its an occasional twinge on a morning, or chronic pain that restricts movement.

We often find that pelvic imbalance is the root cause of lower back pain, and by addressing this imbalance we can reduce the pain and get you moving freely again.

Giving our clients simple stretching routines to do each day is also a very effective way to keep the back nice and supple.


Sciatica pain presents as tingling or numbness down the legs, often caused by a tight piriformis muscle, herniated or bulging discs, stenosis or degenerative disc disease.

We have a lot of success reducing clients pain who present with these symptoms, and also increase their range of movement so they can go about their daily life without the debilitating pain that they suffered with.


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