3 Signs It’s Time For A Myofascial Massage


Many of us cope with aches and stiffness throughout the day, yet sometimes, these symptoms indicate the onset of more serious conditions, such as chronic pain. As specialists in myofascial healing, Regain Pain Management has identified plenty of these warning signals from patient to patient. Often, though, you may not realize chronic pain is what it is, until someone brings it to light.

If you’re suffering from any of the following conditions, it might be time to seek expert help. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that it’s time for a myofascial massage.

Rough sleeping

Lying awake in the pitiless depths of the early morning, you may be obsessed with a twinge in your back, leg, or shoulder, like a dull nightmare refusing to leave your bed. Sleepless nights are a common sign of chronic affliction. Rest is when our body and mind are meant to recover from the previous day. If you’re denied this, your mental attitude will be as overworked as your physical condition, and may impact it further.

Deep muscle pain

Chronic symptoms can surface in various muscular networks – the fascia around your joints and muscle groups can tighten, undoing the pliant properties that make for smooth movement as you go about your business. But there may be one muscle in particular that’s causing your pain levels to skyrocket, and that’s when it requires serious attention.

With deep tissue techniques, a myofascial therapist can knead your muscle back to its natural state of being. In a way, knowing where the nexus of your pain resides allows us to get to work on it straight away, although the overall co-dependency of your body’s muscular structure will still be a player in successful treatment.

Worsening symptoms

This may be particularly relevant to problems with poor posture, which accumulate over months and years. As strain and tension continue to build, your mobility can be impacted, resulting in chronic pain when left untreated.

Aside from getting in the way of your regular activities, this can lead to further complications later down the line. So the moment you notice that ache or stiffness beginning to worsen, it’s best to acknowledge and address it before your suffering becomes unmanageable.

Any of these red flags should direct you to a myofascial release session; the sooner we can attend to your issue, the more effective and fast-acting treatment can be. Our therapists will identify the root cause of your pain and advise on improvements to your routine, as well as massaging your fascia back to health.

No-one has to endure chronic pain if they can help it, and we most certainly can. Contact Regain Pain Management for a 90-minute postural assessment and myofascial release – we’ll tell you how we can delve deep into your myofascial framework, to identify the root causes of your symptoms and ensure pain stays away.


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