3 Techniques To Target Neck And Shoulder Pain


Aches and stiffness in our neck and shoulders are some of the most common pain symptoms we encounter, not least because so much strain is placed on this area of our bodies. Even basic movement requires our muscles to work hard, and often, so it’s no wonder we see many patients overcome with debilitating problems in this area.

Chronic pain can, however, be treated with some simple techniques that release build-ups of pressure in our muscles. By looking into the following treatments, you may find yourself turning towards a brighter future, free from strain and fatigue.

Trigger Point Therapy

Treatment based around myofascia, the tissue that oils the gears of our joints and muscles, has attracted serious interest over the last few years. Bad posture, or an extreme case of strain (like whiplash, for instance), can overstretch a myofascial coating, leading to aches and stiffness.

Trigger points are the adhesive centre of each muscle group, located in specific sections of our joints. Pressure treatment, carried out by someone who knows where to focus on, can relax the myofascia and unknot any imbalance that may exist. Since overstretched trigger points can mimic the effects of so many injuries, trigger point therapy can be hugely beneficial.

Deep Tissue Massage

For pain that’s seeping into the deeper level of your muscles, deep tissue massage could be the way forward. The pressure applied to you will be stronger than a typical massage session, but this is designed to reach the core of your pain. You can expect a slower practice too, with a therapist taking their time to smooth out a particular area. This can be especially useful for the shoulders, which are difficult to focus on without the help of a qualified therapist.


Myofascial release (MFR) therapy is designed to restore the balance in your fascia, targeting chronic symptoms such as aches, pains, headaches and migraines by focusing on areas where fascia has become restricted or is overcompensating.

An MFR therapist understands that your natural energy can be attuned to a new, healthy fascial network. Sessions will practice muscle memory and focus on getting your lubricative tissue to respond well to relaxation techniques, encouraging your body to reach the same level of awareness automatically. You’ll hold your head higher on instinct, or keep your back straight during long periods of sitting or lifting.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for chronic pain and injuries, which is why pain therapists take a multi-faceted approach to help you overcome these symptoms. While it’s impossible to get rid of persistent pain symptoms overnight, by exploring solutions that will permanently redress whatever is off-kilter with your health and wellbeing, you can resolve your neck and shoulder pain for good.

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