Breaking The Cycle Of Bad Headaches


Severe headaches and migraines can be extremely crippling, not least because they can strike out of nowhere and persist for hours at a time. It’s hard to think about anything else when headaches attack; you may wonder why this is happening to you, but attempts to find a cure can be blocked by a sense of helplessness as the pattern deepens.

At Regain Pain Management, we’ve had plenty of experience with patients who’ve managed to break out of their vicious headache cycle. Let’s take a look at the causes of this phenomenon, and what treatment options are available to you.

The pressure cooker effect

Research has revealed interesting insights into our fascia, and specifically how it can reduce the long-term ability of our muscles and joints to recover from physical damage. An injury can affect our myofascial network – the connective membrane oiling our movements – to the extent that fascia become overstressed around certain areas. As they tighten and restrict over time, this can cause a build-up of chronic pain.

There are many potential reasons for the stiffening of healthy fascia, and they are detailed elsewhere on this website. Our main point here is that the skull is not immune from the same pressures that can debilitate arm, shoulder, and leg muscles.

Indeed, a concentrated fascial pressure point can not only engender chronic headaches, but also put the strain on other muscle groups that are trying to overcompensate. Leaving these symptoms untreated, and not returning fascia back to it’s natural elasticity, means things will just get worse.

Myofascial release treatment

In light of the role fascia plays in headaches and migraines, myofascial release (MFR) treatment is growing in popularity as a way to target the root cause of pain for chronic sufferers. This involves analyzing your posture, activities, and general wellbeing, to see what’s out of sync.

We’ll consult with you about which route to take for pain relief: desensitizing nerve pathways, for instance, or hands-on myofascial release. Perhaps your routine is having an effect on the fascia tissue, in which case we’ll advise on changes you can make to your lifestyle to achieve lasting relief from headaches and tension.

Changing for the better

It’s tempting to seek instant relief for headaches and migraines when they strike. However, to resolve chronic pain for good, it’s vital to commit yourself to a change in lifestyle that will keep tension at bay. Limiting computer work or undertaking gentle exercises such as Pilates, for instance, could help you break the cycle.

By realizing that you don’t need to resign yourself to chronic headaches and migraines, you can adopt a positive attitude for change, and discover how small changes to your routine can transform your life. Our therapists can help you recognize, isolate, and transform behavior that could be standing in the way of your health and wellbeing.

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