How Computer Work Can Cause Chronic Pain


Any form of office work, and many jobs requiring near-constant internet access, lock us into a computer screen for long hours each day. We’re expected to sit at our desks, heads bent forward and hands flying over a keyboard, with little relief from a rigid routine.

This behaviour can play havoc with our postures, especially since computer work is so prolific in the workplace. You might be inviting chronic affliction as the months and years roll by, so here are some tips for avoiding undue aches and strain…

The right perspective

For starters, make sure your monitor is set at eye-level, either directly opposite or slightly below your natural gaze. Considering the relative proportions of the human body, our heads are fairly heavy, and balancing such a burden can take its toll if you have to crane your neck for extended periods of time.

Try not to lean too much towards the screen either. Keep your back fairly straight, with a chair that flexes to your spine’s movements. If you’re using headphones, go for a pair with plenty of length so you can stretch back – a computer setup should function on your terms, not the other way round.

Hand and wrist fatigue

A common problem amongst PC users is muscle aches in the wrist. When you’re hammering away at various keys, as well as swivelling a mouse to and fro, it’s easy to see how such movements can gradually form a chronic pain condition. Elbows are another victim in this regard, unless they’re sitting comfortably at your sides.

Wrist supports are readily available from most office retailers; they banish a lot of the strain by setting your hands at a steady typing angle, on soft or pliable cushioning. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor, where they’ll lie naturally to minimise any bad posture habits. Once your elbows are at the right stance, your shoulders become more relaxed, reducing the chance of pain in that area too.

Sitting on a problem

Perhaps the most undeniable pressure of computer-based graft stems from sitting down for the majority of the day. We’re just not meant to be doing this so extensively, at least in one spot without much let-up. Our thighs, calves and buttocks can suffer cramp and discomfort if they aren’t offered some relief.

It’s essential to get up for a quick stroll every now and then – do whatever it takes, whether that’s a sojourn to the coffee machine or merely walking around the office space, pondering another part of your schedule. If you don’t indulge quick bursts of standing, your muscular framework can tighten and cause lasting pain, particularly if your feet aren’t set directly on the floor below.

Almost all of us, in fairness, spend too much of our lives chained to technology. It’s become a social habit that’s hard to shake off, but it’s vital to remember what our bodies require of us, and that bad posture is incredibly detrimental to our natural state of being.

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