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Bespoke range of treatments to reduce your pain.



90 mins Consultation and Postural Analysis
Your therapist will do a consultation a full postural analysis, followed by an hour of manual therapy to reduce your pain and tightness.


Myofascial Release
Myofascial release eases out tight and restricted tissue that could be contributing to long term pain and loss of movement.

45 mins – £60

1 hour – £75

5 x 60 min sessions – £350

10 x 60 min sessions – £675

60 mins Neck and Shoulder Release
Excellent treatment for office workers. Let your therapist melt away those knots and tension in the neck and shoulders, to leave you feeling light and free. Really effective for long term migraines and headaches also.


60 mins Be Activated
Using the Doug Heels ‘Be Activated system’, your therapist will identify and activate muscles that are not functioning correctly, and return them to a state of balance. This treatment also restores a correct breathing pattern to the body by turning on muscles involved with breathing that have stopped working. Effective for ages and fitness levels.


60 mins Upper and Lower Leg Release
Using a combination of techniques, your therapist will melt away restrictions around joints and muscles to leave your legs feeling light and mobile. Excellent as a pre or post event treatment for runners, cyclists and triathletes.


Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is a perfect way to relieve stress and muscle tension and reset any postural problems that have developed from repetitive motions or overuse of specific muscles. A very gentle and soothing massage.


Hot Stone Massage
This indulgent massage uses gently warmed basalt stones to allow your therapist to work deeper into the areas of concern. Excellent for getting to those deep down knots and relaxing the muscles.


Deep Tissue Massage
During a deep tissue massage, a firmer pressure is used and more specific attention is paid to muscle knots or trigger points. If you have specific muscles or trigger points that need individual attention, a deep tissue massage can help ease tension, increase the range of motion, and relieve chronic pain.

45 mins – £60

1 hour – £75

Indian Head Massage
Indian head massage is a time-tested and invigorating treatment for stress and tension.


Seated Head/Neck Pregnancy Massage
A pregnancy massage is a perfect solution to the stress and discomfort of pregnancy and a regular massage can help facilitate a faster post-pregnancy recovery.

30 mins – £30

1 hour – £50

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pregnancy Massage
An excellent treatment for women suffering from SPD during & after pregnancy, and also helps to balance the pelvis and reduce back pain.

30 mins – £30

1 hour – £50

KORE Therapy
A superb and powerful technique which has been developed over 25 years to help increase strength, boost healing, improve wellbeing, ease recovery and help people feel their very best. KORE Therapy uses muscle and functional testing of the body to pinpoint exactly where the problem has come from. This enables the body to tell us what the problem is. It bypasses symptoms to get straight to the root cause of health problems. We use a combination of the finest Western and Eastern techniques and complimentary therapies.

Melanie has helped a variety of general health problems as an increase in power is expected in the first treatment. KORE Therapy is great for Sports Performance and accelerated recovery & is widely used within the Sports industry.


TMJ Therapy
TMJ or TMD effects 1 in 4 people. Melanie is one of the first people in the UK to be qualified in Blend TMJ Therapy®. A full body approach is needed so postural, moving assessment, lifestyle & full consultation will be done during the first session. Also, gentle body work and if possible, some intra oral techniques to ease the jaw and the many problems linked to this painful syndrome. We will finish with some self-help and rehabilitation exercises.

Initial consultation & treatment – 2 hours £195

90 minute treatment £155

60 minute treatment £110

Melanie is delighted to be able to offer her skills in Scar Work to anyone who would like to improve the appearance or work on the functionality of a scar – no matter how old the scar, or the reason; caesarean sections, breast surgery to accidents & burns – they all benefit. Since training under the legendary pioneer of Scar Work, Sharon Wheeler, Melanie has had many clients enjoy seeing often almost immediate results through these gentle yet very effective techniques.

The age and size of a scar is irrelevant as almost all will respond to the gentle, painless touch.

If you or someone you know is struggling because of scarring, Melanie would be delighted to discuss how she may be able to help.

Initial consultation & treatment – 2 hours £195

90 minute treatment £155

60 minute treatment £110

Our Treatments

Muscle Energy techniques

Increase muscle length and reduce tension

This technique is based on the theory of reciprocal inhibition: the muscles on one side of a joint will relax when the muscles on the other side of the joint contact.

This is done through application of manual pressure by the physical therapist. It can be used to increase range of motion, lengthen muscles in spasm or shortened and strengthen muscles.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Ungluing the restrictions that build up over time

A manual technique performed to break up any adhesions that are causing restrictions in the body.

These adhesions can consist of fibrous tissue (scar tissue), inelastic tissue, tissue fluids or any other tissue that is misaligned.

The goal of this treatment is to realign the tissue and remove restrictions, allowing muscles the freedom to move easier.

Postural Training

Bringing balance to the body

The focus of this treatment is to identify, then correct any postural problems that you may have.

These problems can negatively influence muscle function and structural alignment throughout the entire body, which can cause impairments and movement related problems that ultimately lead to injury, disfunction and pain.

With most people sat at computers during the workday, head forward and rounded shoulder postures are becoming more common, and over time can lead to pain and dysfunction in the upper back, neck and also restrict breathing, which in turn can lead to other symptoms.

We do a full comprehensive postural assessment at your first appointment to identify any areas that might be contributing to your pain.

Be Activated – Muscle Activation

Getting muscles to fire in the correct sequence – great for sports people

Over time, the body will often “cheat” and recruit muscles to compensate in order to maintain function, if it detects an imbalance that prevents us from breathing or moving properly.

Simple changes to incorrectly functioning muscles allow the body to make immediate shifts towards resilience, strength and speed. The results are incredible.

An Activated body will quickly change from a state of tension and pain, to a strong relaxed state of excellent performance. When we do the right thing, the body responds immediately.

Be Activated is used globally by elite sports teams, celebrities, the fitness industry and health practitioners alike. As well as treating injuries and enhancing sporting performance, it’s a powerful tool for stress management, and can quickly break common patterns of movement dysfunction and chronic pain.

Myofascial Release Technique

Working with the connective tissue to free restrictions that cause chronic pain

Myofascial release is a hands on technique done on the skin without oils. We are specialists in this therapy, and find it is very effective in reducing pain and dysfunction anywhere in the body.

By looking at the whole body to identify areas of restriction, we can then use gentle sustained compression on specific areas as we work toward getting your fascial system to soften and lengthen.

Fascial restrictions can create bizarre symptoms such as pain, tingling or burning some distance from the originally affected area as the strong fascia binds down on pain sensitive structures like nerves and blood vessels.
Fascia wraps and entwines around every single structure of the body, right down to cellular level, and its health and flexibility is key to our well being and our ability to perform whatever activities we need to or want to.

When it becomes injured through trauma, whether physical or emotional, it tightens down in response. Over time, the many tight areas pull on the rest of the interconnected fabric much like when you pull a thread on a sweater, causing our bodies to move in misalignment.

After releasing these restrictions clients often report a feeling of lightness, like weight has been lifted from the affected area after treatment, particularly after neck and shoulder treatments.

Manual Therapy

A blend of therapies used to bring balance and harmony back to the body

The ‘hands-on’ approach, sometimes referred to as ‘bodywork’ is what we do best. We take a whole-body approach to our treatments, identifying areas of restriction that are impacting on other areas of the body.

It will be the premier method that we will adopt to help remove restrictions in tissue. Along with removing these restrictions, manual therapy will promote relaxation, decrease pain, improve flexibility, strengthen tissue, and help improve movement patterns.

Manual therapy will consist of soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, Be Activated – muscle activation, stretching, strengthening, massage, muscle energy techniques and increased proprioception.


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